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Acutec Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd
Tel: 0755-27425983
Add: 36th, DaYangTian Industry Area, ShaJing Town, Shenzhen

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Acutec Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified sub-contract manufacturer for custom precision-machined parts in Shenzhen China.

Founded in 2004, Acutec is now occupying the facilities in precision CNC machining, die casting, stamping and also injection molding. Our modern equipment insures us to offer you high quality components per your design. Just like our company named “ Acutec” means accurate.

We explore our business firstly in CNC machined parts. We have offered our best quality and service to our clients abroad. Gradually, our clients also send their die-castings, stamping and injection molding for us to manufacture. With our clients trust, and with our company owner’s wise lead, we have now expanded to die-castings, stamping and injection molding all in house. Acutec is growing to a firm with 8 die casting machines range from 280T to 800T, 22 stamping machines and 10 injection molding machines. Also our accessory secondary equipment and inspection equipment fully equipped.

By working with Acutec, you will find your inquiry responded in 24 hours, your cost is in budget and the parts arrived in yours hands on time. Most importantly, you will always be impressed by the quality.

With our professional service, high quality concept, we believe your buying and working with us will be a nice and long-term journey. And we will both win in the cooperation.

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Add:36th, DaYangTian Industry Area, ShaJing Town, Shenzhen Tel:0755-27425983
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